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    Detailed introduction:

    Technical Parameter Table

    Product Implementation Standard

    Temperature Range and Tolerance

    A grade

    B grade

    Description: |t|is temperature absolute value measured by temperature-sensing element

    Thermal Response Time

    Normal Temperature Insulation Resistance

    Note: the test condition is: ambient temperature 15-30°C, environmental humidity is not more than 80%, the experimental voltage is any value between DC 10-100V, measuring insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer jacked.

    Upper Temperature Insulation Resistance

    Temperature Value

    Minimum allowable values

    Minimum Insertion Depth

    The depth of the heat resistance protection tube insertion media is generally not less than the sum of resistive element length (about 50mm) and the outer diameter size of 8 to 10 times (except for the special products)

    Length Specification

    Insert length 150-2000mm

    Exposure length with fixed device type standard 150mm

    Diameter and Material

    Standard φ12mm, φ16mm

    Protection tube material:1Cr18Ni9Ti,Porcelain beads

    Terminal box material:Casting aluminum low copper

    Connection Form

    Splash proof, Water proof

    Installation Method

    Non fixing device, Fixed screw thread type, Fixed flange type, Movable flange type, Fixed screw thread taper

    Allowable Current

    A grade

    B grade

    Natural Effect

    The maximum measured current is 5mA allowed by thermal resistance.

    The resulting temperature rise is not greater than 0.3 degrees, recommended measuring current 1mA

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